About Lisa

Lisa Voorhies

My husband Pastor Barry Voorhies and I have been in ministry for 24 years. We have two children, Kristen, 22 and Kent, 19. I have been a women’s ministry leader for 15 years and I am also a National VP with a major U.S. cosmetics company. I speak nationally to thousands of women annually, and it is my passion to help women enlarge their dreams, to do their part faithfully and then watch for God to do His!

Thank you for taking the time to check out my website. I will be praying for everyone who visits this website; as you prepare for ministry, as you plan events, as you sow into the lives of women. It’s my privilege to meet you and in whatever way, to invest in your ministry. I teach through humor and real life stories, to teach the Word and to help women understand how much God loves them. The Lord has a plan and it’s good. He’s for us!

“The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord and He delights in his way. Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down for the Lord upholds him with his hand….”
Psalm 37:23-26

Sometimes we can feel utterly cast down….but….there is a God in heaven and He upholds us…even now….even when it seems that “the worst” happens….He is holding us up.

Please feel free to contact me directly concerning an upcoming speaking engagement or booking inquiry.


5 Responses to About Lisa

  1. virginia says:

    Are you going to be in Paris Tn soon Please send me info about it God Bless

    • lisavoorhies says:

      Hi Virginia,
      Yes maam I will be in Paris TN for a prayer retreat on Oct 28th. I don’t have a flyer, but will be happy to give your email address to the coordinator of the event ( with your permission), and she can send you info.
      Lisa V

  2. virginia says:

    I am looking forward to it,I have the flyer Krish sent it to me, I have invited the women in our church So far I have three said they may come

  3. Grace Coffman says:

    Looking for direction and planning for our ladies/ mothers day mini conference. I am spending time in prayer, and researching. Nor sure how far you are from PA or what you charge. But I was drawn to your page. May God continue to bless you.

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