Need a mood elevator?

I don’t know about you but sometimes I can get a little down.  Not depressed exactly, just not quite myself…  I can usually trace it back to lack of sleep, or stress.  I get worn down by the world and allow my mind to wander…. wander to thoughts that I typically guard against.

If I think about what i’ve been thinking about, I usually realize that I’ve been allowing negative destructive thoughts to creep in.  The thoughts then begin affecting my mood and if not checked, actions will follow.  Decisions will be made on the basis of how I feel, words will be spoken out of the negativity.  This path never goes anywhere good.

There is a  scripture in  the book of Isaiah that is a natural anti-depressant….a prescription for that “bluesy” feeling.  When you start making a mental list of all that’s going wrong, or all that someone else has that you don’t,  make a different sort of  list instead.  A list of what you’re grateful for, for the way God has blessed you.  Instead of dwelling on your problems, or your shortcomings, or your “not- enoughs”;  dwell on God’s lavished- compassion, His extravagant love.   Before long, you’ll begin to feel the mood lifting because the negative thoughts have been spiritually papered-over with Truth.   The reality of how blessed you are  will begin breaking through the blue.  Here’s a powerful thought that literally stomps negative thoughts: He didn’t send someone else to help us….he came himself.  Jesus, the one and only, as this verse says God HIMSELF.  The one who painted the sky, came for me himself….now that truth,  my friends,  is the most AWESOME mood elevator ever.  Think about….dwell on that for a while…that’ll put a spring back in your step…Wow!

Isa. 63: 7-9a

I’ll make a list of God’s gracious dealings,
    all the things God has done that need praising,
All the generous bounties of God,
    his great goodness to the family of Israel—
Compassion lavished,
    love extravagant.
He said, “Without question these are my people,
    children who would never betray me.”
So he became their Savior.
    In all their troubles,
    he was troubled, too.
He didn’t send someone else to help them.
    He did it himself, in person.

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4 Responses to Need a mood elevator?

  1. Thank you so much for this, may God richly bless you!

  2. Linda Jo says:

    Awesome! Just what I needed!

  3. Kim H. says:

    AMEN! We are truly blessed beyond measure!

  4. Crystal C. says:

    “Compassion lavished.” Love thinking about the truth of those two words from our Heavenly Father.

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