Forgot I could fly

My daughter is an incredible young woman, we are crazy blessed to have her in our lives!    She has overcome some seemingly insurmountable obstacles in her young life but those very obstacles have made her into  the young woman of God she is today.  She’s learned that God works everything for good….even things that don’t feel good.  And if you ever forget you can fly, He’ll be there to remind you.   I hope her journey will encourage you.

At 16, Kristen pulled out in front of an 18-wheeler going 60 mph…she ended up in the ER with  a concussion….the car was demolished.    The paramedic was a believer and actually hung around the ER to tell me that the Lord saved Kristen’s life that day.  He said ” I don’t want you to miss what God did for you today Mrs Voorhies, when I drove up to that accident, I thought I would be pulling dead bodies out of that car.”  WOW! Thanks Jesus!

Fast forward 5 years,  Kristen is 2 weeks from graduating from Union University with a degree in music.  She’s been on the college worship team, writing…singing…hopeful about what the future holds.   Then….just 2 weeks from graduating, she’s dancing and singing in an end -of- year variety show and is dropped on her head and gets another concussion.

Over the next few weeks it becomes incredibly painful to sing and her 4 octave range becomes just 4 notes.  We began taking her to doctors, and no one had any idea why she couldn’t sing.  Kristen becomes so broken-hearted and discouraged..hopeless.  Had God brought her this far to leave her?  It was so tough to watch her struggle to hold on to God’s promises and purposes in the middle of confusion and pain.

Finally,  we had scheduled a Tonsillectomy ( the doctor wasn’t sure it would help but didn’t know what else to recommend) as a last attempt.  We were praying as a family for God to show us a way to help her.   Then, a few days before the surgery,  my husband remembered that 25 years ago an older doctor at Vanderbilt University helped  him to recover from serious vocal issues.  Barry made an appointment at the very same clinic, not thinking Dr. Cleveland would still be practicing, but maybe someone there could help.    As Kristen is being seen, my husband tells the doctor how a Dr. Cleveland, some 25 years ago, helped save his voice and how grateful he was.  The doctor said “well he’s right next door why don’t you tell him yourself.”    As it turns out Dr Cleveland was still practicing after all those years and within no time diagnoses Kristen’s vocal problems.  It had been the head injuries, and after 6 mos of rehab her voice is nearly 100% back. Thanks Jesus!  

Soooo this song is Kristen’s heart’s song…. for a while there, she forgot she could fly.  You can feel free to click and listen to the excerpt for free, or buy it if you like……just in case you ever forget you can fly.

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2 Responses to Forgot I could fly

  1. Ramona says:

    What a story. What an incredible young woman. And like Jesus had- what a MOTHER!!!

    • Linda Loveless says:

      Thank you Lisa for sharing God’s Miracles in Kristen’s life!
      She is an amazing young lady with incredible loving parents. I’m excited to see her on stage at GTC!

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