Live well, live blessed


Jesus said, “Daughter, you took a risk trusting me, and now you’re healed and whole. Live well, live blessed!”
Luke 8:47-49 ( The Message)

Wow! Huge message …few words.  You know,  I can say that I’ve lived these words myself and found them to be absolutely true. I practiced  Christianity and even professed faith in God ( and I meant it) , early in life , but the trust factor wasn’t there. I believed in Jesus, professed that He was the Son of God, but didn’t trust Him to save me or  lead me.

I was still primarily trusting myself.     I was a believer in,  but not a follower of Christ. I think a lot of people are where I was.

You know trust always involves risk- taking.  If I trust Jesus’ way instead of the world’s way, I give up the world’s options and that feels scary.   The verse above comes from a story in the bible where Jesus heals a woman who has been sick with a bleeding disease for 12 years. She had spent tons of money on doctors,  but was still sick.  Then, she simply touched Jesus’ clothing and was instantly healed. There were lots of others touching him, but the story doesn’t mention that any of them were healed.  They were part of the crowd who saw others being healed without experiencing it themselves.  Maybe it was her level of desperation that made the difference….but she definitely got him .  She got who He really was, she got him.  I know I was kind of like ” well I do believe that Jesus is the son of God, but all the other stuff was just like blah blah blah“.   I finally got desperate enough to really get who Jesus wanted to be in my life.

The  “live well-live blessed” life happens when we reach out to Jesus, know who He is and trust who He is.  Trust involves taking a risk and taking  a leap….leap of faith that is. If you want to go from knowing about Jesus to knowing Jesus, from seeing his power in others’ lives to witnessing it in your own life… take the risk and actually trust him.

It looks something like this…. I want to be angry and get you back, but the bible says I should have your back instead.  I’m going to take  a risk and trust Jesus instead of what I feel.  I want to be sure my wants, desires and needs are taken care of first, i.e. if my husband treats me a certain way then I’ll reciprocate;  but the Bible says, consider others before yourself.  I’m going to take a risk that I’ll have everything I need,  even if I look to the needs of other people before my own needs.  That’s real trust in the Lord because I’m risking what I feel and choosing what God commands instead.

It’s a crazy,  counter- cultural way of thinking and acting, but it leads to a deeper friendship with Jesus when trust  Him.    And a deeper friendship with Jesus always  leads to the “live well-live blessed” life.

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