Running for your life

“We who have run for our very lives to God have every reason to grab the promised hope with both hands and never let go.” Hebrews 6:18

Before I knew the Lord as my friend and savior I did a lot of running….running for my life.  Running away from guilty feelings and mistakes that hurt me and other people.  Running away from destructive thoughts and feelings of inadequacy and emptiness.   I  also, ran to people, behaviors and things that I thought would make me “ok” or fulfill me.  Never “ok” or fulfilled, I would decide that I needed even more of what wasn’t working….cuz I was a genius lol.  Maybe more would be enough…  more money, more approval, more friends, more dates, more parties…maybe more.    Today’s culture would just say that I should have been more fully “me”, been more myself, and “ok” with who I was, and I gave that advice  a good try too.  I went to counseling and heard  that I’m “ok “/you’re “ok”…we’re all “ok”.  But the running for my life continued..continually running in circles…. circling the drain…..until finally I started running away from myself and toward God.   Yes, I finally ran for my life to Jesus.

I ran to Jesus and have been holding on ever since.  I find my worth in Christ, not in myself. Because it’s not about me and all about God, I focus on how I can walk with Him, glorify Him, serve His creation.  I have an awesome life worth living here and can’t wait for Heaven because I started running in the right direction, to the one who is my one and only.    Yep, I ran for my life to God and am holding on with both hands to His promise….. oh, and by the way, I  am waaay more than “ok”

What about you?  Where are you running and what are you holding on to?   If you need a drink,  joint,  pill, person, money, or circumstance to feel “ok”,  you may be running in circles.  You may be  chasing your tail the way my dog Darla does only to end up collapsed on the floor, until she has enough energy to try again…only to end up collapsed on the floor until she has enough energy to try again only to end up…well, you get the idea.

Run to the one who wants to catch you  and who  gives the promised hope you’ll never let go of.

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1 Response to Running for your life

  1. Jeff Kidwell says:

    So proud of you and proud to have known you. God bless this ministering you’ve taken on. Wonderful.

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