Training your brain to take action

Yesterday we talked about training your brain to wait on God.  To, “don’t just do something, sit there” until you know what God is telling you to do.  The other side of that coin is knowing what God has told you to do,  but being too  frozen in fear to do it.

You start second guessing God’s will for you,  because it seems too hard or is out of your comfort zone.  Nearly every success story has a measure of “it seemed impossible at the time” or “I was afraid I would fail”.   Don’t get caught in that cycle, the frustration of getting ahead of God cannot compare to the frustration of lagging behind Him ( in my humble opinion)  Once you know what God is telling you, take action on it.  Don’t wait until you “feel” like you’ll be successful.  Because confidence is found in action, if you’re frozen in fear, you’ll be trapped there waiting until you feel confident.      You can read about doing something, study it over and over, but you won’t feel completely confident until you do it.   Even if you aren’t great at it at first, the action of doing the thing dispels fear.  Take public speaking for instance.  You can read about how to do it, learn about how to speak in public, but the only way you gain confidence is to actually get up in front of some people and open your mouth.

Do everything He shows you to do to be prepared, then take the step.  The longer you wait to act, the less chance there is that you ever will actually  act.

A good friend of mine, author and blogger, Sue Ann Cordell, once told me a story that kind of thawed me out of my fear freeze.    She said God wanted her to write a book, He had even given her the title.    Sue Ann thought, “I’m not really a writer”, ” I don’t really have the time, I already have a full-time job”.  So, she put off writing the book.   She knew what God wanted her to do, but waited to do it….she was “froze up” as we say in the south.    Several months later she was in a christian book store and saw the book God had told her to write on a shelf  among the new releases.  Wow!  God had gotten that book written, but had used someone else to write it.    She told me ” Lisa, God is going to get His will accomplished, the thing is….someone else will get the blessing of doing it if you won’t.  I’ll never hesitate again.”

When you know what God’s told you to do, do it.  Here’s the thing, everyone has feelings of fear and inadequacy, look at Moses for pete’s sake.  God appeared to him in a burning bush, even I couldn’t miss that.  Moses still had to take action, in the midst of his own fear and feelings of inadequacy.  Why should we expect to be any different.  If you don’t need to rely fully on God to help you accomplish His will, you’ve probably missed it.  I call this the “BUT GOD” principle.  The I-could-no-way -have -done -this- on -my- own, but- God helped- me- principle.

Henry Blakeby,  in his study “Experiencing God” wrote, “you can’t stay and go with God”.  Once you know what God is telling you to do, step out , take action, trust God.   Train your brain to act.

We’ll chat later about some biblical principles for discerning God’s will.

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