I laugh at all his jokes

I laugh at all his jokes….yes I do….and they’re reeeally funny. You know there was a time when I withheld my approval from my husband in subversive little ways, like not laughing at his jokes, because, well, I was at war with him……

I have a wonderful husband and an awesome marriage today,  but that wasn’t always the case. There was a time when I wanted to pretty much die rather than stay married, that was about 18 years ago ( I’ve been married for 27 years). Not only did my husband and I not love each other, we didn’t even like each other. I really meant it when I said I would’ve rather died than stayed married, that was not an exaggeration. We were at war with each other about everything. We were in competition with each other….who was in control, who was right, who knew best how to raise the kids, spend money, organize the house…..WAR.   I was teaching a couple’s Sunday school class at the time and he was a minster of music.  Really…..not only were we  in church all the time, we were on staff. Except for the janitor, we  were first to get there and last to leave and our marriage was falling apart. I remember praying “Lord I know that you hate divorce and that you love me completely, so I must be missing something. I want to leave soooo badly, but I know it’s not your will. Either you are actually mean or I’m really messed up”

Over the next few posts I’ll be sharing how the Lord completely transformed my marriage and home. Hopefully your marriage isn’t singing it’s swan song, maybe you feel it could just be better. My prayer is that you’ll have the marriage God intended you to have. I believe you can because I’ve lived it.

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