forget to remember

Are you forgetful?  It seems like I get more forgetful every year.   Not only do I forget to do something, I forget I have done it.  Hmmm… did I pick up milk?   It’s getting bad.   I’m not sure I can afford to lose many more brain cells.   I don’t want to forget the important things in life.  I want to remember to remember all God’s done for me and for my family.

The Lord did huge miracles on behalf of the Jews, and yet the Israelites also had a problem with forgetfulness.  In fact,  in the book of Joshua, God tells them to pick up 12 stones to help them remember what He’d done for them.  In the story, the Lord had parted the Red Sea 40 years before, He then stops the flow of the Jordan river so that the people of Israel could pass through into the promised land.  You’d think they’d remember a thing like that.  The Jordan was at it’s highest water level of the year ( picture a swollen river with rushing water)…. and the Lord held it back for them.  In fact the water flow stopped as soon as the priest carrying the Ark put his foot in the water.  How amazing!   Who’d forget a thing like that?   Well, apparently they would and in fact I probably would too.  The Lord commanded them to remember on purpose.

Has the Lord done awesome things on your behalf that you’ve forgotten to remember? When we remember what the Lord has done  for us, it builds up our faith to trust  God  in other  circumstances.   Our crazy schedules, the day to day errands ( picking up milk for instance)  will take our focus and  when we need a river parted, we’ll forget that we’ve been there before and God came through.  Also, if we purpose to remember God’s faithfulness,  we tend to look at every problem differently.

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