Giving Up

We hear a lot today about “giving back”…. But the Lord has recently impressed upon me that he wants me to start “giving up”.   Yes!  He wants me to give up! He wants me to give over, above and beyond , more more more than anything I’d ever planned on or thought about  giving before.   Many Christians understand and practice the biblical directive to tithe; to give a tenth of their increase or income to the church.   I have been a faithful tither during my christian life, and even given above and beyond the tithe, but God has challenged me ….He’s challenged me to do more than  just “return” the tithe to Him, but to be a radically- crazy giver.  He wants me to start giving up,  more and more, gift after gift after gift.   Give and it will be given…. the more I give the more he gives the more I give the more he gives ….up and up and up…gift after gift after gift. Wow!  I can’t wait to start.   Now, I’m not a prosperity-gospel-give-to-get girl…no,  that’s not what I’m saying at all.  I’m just sayin’ that God told me to be a radically- crazy giver.   I’m expecting for my finances to be blessed when I obey because He says they will.  But,  I don’t intend to buy a Rolls, I intend to be a conduit right back into the Kingdom of God. We live off his generous bounty anyway, so I can hardly wait to sense His pleasure and to in on the miracles He wants to do.   I’ll keep you posted 🙂

We all live off his generous bounty, gift after gift after gift. John 1:16 The Message.

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