John Maxwell says….”never trade what you want at the moment for what you want most”.  We’re traders…all of us. Everyday we make trades….time trades.  We trade our time for money.  We trade time with the people we love,  to make  a living.  We trade time we could spend on furthering our goals,  for entertainment.  You nearly always have to trade something you want at the moment for something you want most.

Sin is kind of like that.  I trade something I want at that very moment for something I want more.  It may be the attention of someone other than my husband…it feels good at the moment but it’s not good for the long term health of my marriage.  Or food is a good example…I reeeeeeally want that Krispy Kreme, mmmmm hot fresh …melt in your mouth; buuuuuut I want to lose weight more.

Yes,  life is about trades.  I want to watch a movie but I want to graduate from high school more, so I’ll do my homework.  Trade in, trading cards, trading….giving one thing to get another.  Make sure you make good trades.  Connect the dots, don’t end up trading something of value for something worthless.  Everything has a cost eventhough the cost isn’t always money.  Salvation is a free gift from God, but I will still  be faced with trades everyday… God’s best for my life for what I want at the moment.    Trading… I want to make sure I  always trade “up”.

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