About Face Part 2

Not long ago,  I was headed to Knoxville from Nashville.  Now, I don’t know about you, but wherever I go ….I go with all my might….as fast as the law will allow (that’s about 8 miles over the speed limit, hee, hee )  I hopped in my car turned on the radio, started talking on  my phone and put the pedal to the metal. I was about an hour into my 3 hour trip when I decided to stop for coffee.  I got off the interstate, purchased a cup of the heavenly beverage fought off the donut urges,  and hopped back in my car. Upon pulling onto the service road and being faced with the signs on the interstate entrance ramps,  I had what in the south is called a “go- to- pieces” moment.  My choices were 40 East to Nashville and 40 West to Memphis….this totally confused me because I needed 40 East to KNOXVILLE! Nashville should not be east of my present location….EEEEK!  I had  traveled an hour …listening to the radio, talking on the phone, putting the pedal to the metal…. in the complete WRONG direction! Yes! at 78 mph I was nearly 80 miles on the wrong side of Nashville. NO WAY!  I yelled….I could not have just driven an hour in the wrong direction….doggone it! How could I have been so sure about where I was going that even when I saw signs along the way I didn’t notice my mistake. I had to do a complete about-face  and head with all  might  in the right direction….no matter how fast or far I drove west, Knoxville would always be east of Nashville. You know  we can think we’re headed where we want to go in life and be completely mistaken. We can be sure that our direction is right, but there will come a defining moment when we realize we’ve been going “full steam ahead”  the wrong way. Maybe you were following Christ at one time, but you’ve started following other false gods…. the spirit of the world, or the unholy trinity ….me, myself and I. Maybe you’re plagued with insecurity, jealousy is your drug, or envy your best friend.  You embrace your fear as “just who I am”.  Or maybe you’ve started following the cool hip god of our culture….”whatever-you-want-god-to-be”.  If that’s where you are, your “go-to-pieces” moment is inevitable, it may be in this life or the next but you will face the reality that you can’t get where you want to go headed in that direction no matter how  fast you drive or how far you go.  Have you seen signs that made you think you might possibly be headed West and need to hang a “ubie”? Analyze your direction right now….do you need an about-face? Contact me if you think you might, I’ll be happy to explore your course with you and help you do an about-face if you decide to.

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