About face…

The Lord doesn’t just “fix” us when we accept him as our Savior, no, he gives us a brand new heart.  We become a completely new person, not just a “new and improved” version of our old selves.

I know this first -hand, I’ve lived it . The “old” Lisa was an extreme party girl.  I would list my sins,  but it would probably curl your hair….and that may or may not be a good thing to you…. so let’s just say I led the opposite of a holy lifestyle. I looked for love in all the wrong places, while wasting away in Margaritaville, with all  my rowdy friends. When people tried to tell me about the Lord I scoffed at them; I was a scoffer even before I knew that there was such a word. I was heading as fast as my feet could carry me in the wrongest possibe direction.

Today, I have 2 children who love the Lord, a godly husband and I am totally sold out and on fire for God.  I am headed full steam ahead in the rightest direction….toward heaven.  I did an about-face, a “one -eighty”, a U-turn. God wants to change you and your circumstances and He wants to help you do an about-face. God doesn’t just “patch things up”, he wants to completely redeem a person or situation.

The Prayer of Jabez is a best selling book about blessings.  But originally, the name Jabez meant pain….especially to his mom.   His mother named him pain, but the Lord redeemed the name of Jabez and today it means something completely different, it stands for “blessing”.   Jabez meant pain to a few, now it means blessing to millions. Wow! now that’s an about face.

And then there was the kid named David who faced the giant named Goliath. David was a  young sheep herder who had gone to the battle site to deliver some food to his older brothers. In the end he would kill the giant threatening his whole country. He went from young David the sheep keeper and errand boy, to David, giant killer and King…..an about-face of epic proportions.

Could you use an about-face right about now? Could you use an about face in your life, your marriage, your bank account? David and Jabez, had one massive common trait. They both had an expectant faith that God could and would do it. They expected God to save, God to bless, God to change  the situation. In David’s case, all of the stronger, older, bigger men were quaking in fear of the giant Goliath…..but not David. Here’s what he said to Goliath “You come to me with a sword, with a spear, and with a javelin.  But I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel,  whom you have defiled

David expected an “about face” and that’s exactly what he got. Jabez prayed “bless me indeed” and that’s what he got…..he went from being a pain to being a blessing. You may say” you come to me with unemployment, bankruptcy, divorce, drug abuse, but I come to you in the name of the Lord of Hosts!” I know that God will help you do an “about face”.  I know it,  and when you know it and expect it  and show up to do your part ……your about face will happen too….in the name of the Lord of Hosts…..

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1 Response to About face…

  1. Crystal Caviness says:

    Love the concept of God enabling an “about face!” Yes, there are parts of my life where I need more than “new and improved.” I need God’s “about face,” a new direction, an absolutely unfamiliar direction, headed to a place so blessed that I cannot even imagine! Thanks, Lisa, for your insightful and God-inspired words.

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